Weekly Inspiration - Documentaries, UX Trends, iTunes Comic Books, and Swill Type Designers by Brandon Waite

Hello all,

Here is this weeks list of interesting things I've run across recently.

A new documentary about the history of Graphic Design called Graphic Means is in the works and will be premiering April 17th.

This article from The Muse makes some great points about the power of perception and how it can affect our own productivity. 

UX design trends for 2017

Awesome comic created by R. Sikoryak showing iTunes terms and conditions. 

An interesting article on 7 Swill type designers you never knew existed

Why restraints on projects are a good thing. 

Stay inspired and be awesome!

- Brandon

Floor Display Design Mock-ups by Brandon Waite

I recently created some product displays mock-ups. Industrial design isn't one of my specialties, but after some research, I found it was not difficult to find inspiration and get things going. I wouldn't consider these production templates by any means, but they should give the factories and our clients a good idea of what we are visualizing.

I decided to build these in Adobe Illustrator, utilizing the 3D grid. From there I approached the sample items as if building illustrated icons, using opacities, simple shapes, and clipping masks.


Weekly Inspiration - Clashing Fonts, SBC, Cultural Placemaking, by Brandon Waite

Hello there!

Here is this week's list of cool things that I've come across and that have helped fuel some new ideas.

An article on how to use clashing fonts from Fonts by Hoefler & Co. 

This is a thing... I admit I'm not sure how I feel about how they promote this, BUT I like how they use videos on virtually every page of their site. It gives it a very dynamic and real feel. I want more pages just to see what the videos would be. 

There is some pretty awesome research happening that explores how we read at a glance - very interesting, and has a direct effect on the design industry. 

I found this backpack a while back. It's going on my Christmas list this year for sure. 

I stumbled on the LeBasse Projects and fell in love. These guys are working on some pretty amazing things. 

Great article and insights on a positive remote work culture at Mailerlite. Also, I might just switch from MailChimp!

And lastly Blender. A FREE open source 3D software. It looks pretty awesome and is something I am for sure going to try out. 

Stay inspired be awesome!

- Brandon


Weekly Inspiration - Packaging Design, Wonder, Trend Reports, Creative Confidence by Brandon Waite

Hello there!

Here is this week's list of cool things that I've come across and that have helped fuel some new ideas. 

A pair of awesome articles on powerful packaging design by David and Nancy Deal who own the Deal Design Group on powerful. Check out Part 1 and Part 2

I found a pretty interesting company called Toptal - this is the process they use to screen the freelancers working in their system. 

What if wonder led the way? - Daily clues designed to help bring a spirit of wonder to your everyday.

Check out the 2016 Logo Trend Report put together by Graphic Design USA.

I just finished listening to Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All. This book is simply amazing. If you don't feel inspired after reading/listening to it than I don't know what to do with you. 

That's my list for this week folks.

Stay inspired and be awesome!

- Brandon

Weekly Inspiration - Live Illustration Battles, How to Activate Your Inner Badass, and Testing Product Ideas by Brandon Waite

I don't know about you, but I'm constantly looking for inspiration. I love ideas, and keep notebooks, sketchbooks, and digital folders full of quotes, stories, snippets, and saved images as inspiration for future projects. I wanted to share some of the cool things I've found throughout the week. 

I found this awesome list of 50 ways to active your inner badass - Written by life coach Amy Young. 

Check out this awesome interview on the podcast Pencil vs Pixel (which is probably my favorite podcast) with hand lettering artist and designer Bob Ewing. Bob is also one of the founders of the monthly button club INCH x INCH which donates it's proceeds to art programs in K-12 schools. 

A pretty sweet guide found it's way into my inbox this week about how to test a product idea with $50 or less

I came across a pretty slick site (which I'm totally stealing ideas from - eat your heart out Austin Kleon) called Podcast Designer. I really admire the way that Zach found a niche and is marketing to it. 

While searching through instagram I came across a super talented lettering artist Stephen Pies.

I've also become completely obsessed with following anything that has to do with Secret Walls live illustration battles

Stay inspired and be awesome.

- Brandon